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Amaryllis House

Crochu, Grenada. Caribbean.

Unspoiled Atlantic Coast. Forty minutes north east of the capital St. George's.

Accommodations: House. 2 bedrooms +

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Originally built as a private artist's atelier in 1994, Amaryllis House is a secluded, idyllic retreat. It is situated 40 minutes from Grenada's capital St. George's, and 20 minutes south of the second largest town, Grenville, near the village of Crochu.

Built entirely of wood in a traditional tropical style, the house features a high-ceilinged great room with skylight. Verandah doors fold back to create a panoramic view of meadows, forested lands, sea and cliffs.

Amaryllis House is situated forty minutes from Grenada's capital St. George, and twenty minutes south of the second largest town, Grenville, near the village of Crochu. In comfort, you experience from the house the unspoiled beauty of the island, and at the same time get a taste of local village life. A bakery, a small grocery store, and night-time street-side BBQ are a short walk away, as is the Cabier Ocean Lodge, which offers restaurant-style meals with notice. Grenadians are among the Caribbean's most welcoming, friendly, helpful and hospitable people and will afford you the friendship and courtesies you show them.

At Amaryllis House, a sleeping loft with a double bed, a private bedroom downstairs, and two daybeds in the great room sleep six in total, with a fully-equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with shower. Take breakfast on the wide verandah, while watching birds including tiny iridescent humming birds. Fall asleep lulled by the sound of the sea lapping the beach, and awaken to cooling sea breezes, or enjoy a view of the ocean in the loft with champagne-like light dappling through the trees.

The garden footpath leads you through a verdant meadow to safe swimming at Mahot Beach. Recent renovations to the house include a handsome, wide, lit stairway from the car parking area to the house through a grove of tropical shrubs and fruit trees: calabash, soursop, papayas, bananas, cinnamon, a variety of mangoes, sapodillas, cashew, and coconut trees, as well as bougainvillea, heliconia, crotons, lemon grass, oleanders, and ixoras.

We are happy to arrange airport transfer, and car rental. Although a car is not necessary -- taxis are available and buses run frequently from the main intersection -- a car will definitely facilitate a fuller appreciation of the island.

Grenada: The Spice Island

Grenada is known as the Spice Island. It is the world's largest producer of nutmeg and mace (the nutmeg's brilliant red lacy membrane). Step onto the island and immediately you breathe fresh, light air scented with the spices and fruit grown here: nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon grass, cloves and oranges.

Grenada's beauty is unparalleled in the rest of the Caribbean. The island is surrounded by reefs, giving the waters closer to shore their idyllic turquoise colour, and making them a snorkeler's and diver's paradise. Verdant mountains, innumerable peninsulas and bays -- which have powder-fine pink sand, and coves that make you feel you are their first visitors -- are evidence of its volcanic origins.

The island is bird watcher's and nature enthusiast's dream. Unique bird species include the endemic and highly endangered Grenada Dove, the Hook billed kite, the Grenada fly catcher, and the yellow-bellied Elenia. As well, the island is a stopping point for many regional migratory birds, hawks and hummingbirds, as they travel from the South American mainland.

Grenada is well represented at the Chelsea Flower Show every year and has made a habit of coming away with high honors. Exquisite private gardens are often open to the public by appointment and are a rare opportunity to enjoy magazine-quality residential landscaping. Abundant, accessible rivers, waterfalls, volcanic lakes and nature parks are perfect for hikes. There are no poisonous or dangerous snakes on the island. Turtle watching on the north of the island and on the sister island of Carriacou is a must.

There is something tasty for the simplest or most demanding of diners; from roadside barbeques every evening, fresh fish meals at Gouyave's weekly Fish Friday event, restaurants offering excellent traditional meals like lasagna, local culinary delights like grilled local snapper and tuna, crab cakes, oil-down (a dish of breadfruit, ground provisions like cassava and yams, and salted cod -- and not at all oily!), coucou with okras, or unexpectedly superb sushi and sashimi made with local fish like bonito, marlin and swordfish.

Vendors in the Saturday farmers' markets in St. George's and Grenville display tray after tray of beautiful freshly cured rolls of cinnamon bark in a variety of lengths and widths. Breadfruit roasts on coal pots. The aroma of fresh-baked coconut 'rock buns' seduces. Nutmeg jams, jellies, ointments and sprays (known to reduce swelling and inflammation topically), soaps, chutneys, etc., shout out the ingenuity of the Spice Islanders.

Driving along the mountainous roads one can see cacao beans drying on crocus bags in front of houses. The quality of Grenada's chocolate production, taste-influenced by the rich volcanic soil and mountainous slopes on which the cacao is grown, is on par with the best in the world.

Grenada is a respite, distinguished from the commercialism of other Caribbean destinations. With its many regattas and other boating festivals, first-class marinas, swimming beaches, unusual marine sculpture garden, farmers' markets, hiking opportunities, turtle watching, bird watching and great food, the island is indeed paradise.




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